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Puppy Training For Puppies 3 to 5 Months Of Age
Wency, is the first trainer in Santa Barbara to offer 
Puppy Training Classes modeled after the successful 
methods originated by Dr. Ian Dunbar, an animal 
behaviorist and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 
at UC Berkeley. 
These classes were started by Wency 
in 1991 at the Santa Barbara Humane Society.
Don't settle for second best, learn from the best at 
Wency's Dog & Puppy Training 

Owners will be taught how to view their puppy from a new perspective.  All family members are encouraged to participate which maintains consistency and harmony at home.  Our focus will be on off leash puppy socialization.  Hand signals (pups first language) as well as spoken commands (pups second language). The learning experience will include the following: sit, down, stand, stay, wait, leave it, leash walking, and the proper start for a recall (come when called). Also housebreaking, chewing, garden digging, puppy biting, jumping up and other forms of unwanted behavior. You will learn to understand why these behaviors are happening and how to prevent them.