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Beginning Novice Class For Dogs 6 Months & Older

This class is designed for all dog guardians who missed Puppy Training Class, and are now regretting it. The class is also for Puppy Class Grads who want to continue to reinforce their earlier dog training. For guardians who have adopted or inherited a dog that is over 6 months of age.  

This class has no off lead play group. The focus of this class will be  building a longer dog attention span, as well as clear communication between dog and owner.  Owners and their dogs will learn how to work towards attention training.  Proper leash walking, sit, down, stay, wait, leave it, go to place, look, and come when called.  

Novice Classes are designed for dogs and owners in trouble.  Undesirable and individual behavior problems will be discussed along with the correct training methods to help you eliminate the problems.  you will learn how to get quick control of your dog while building a positive relationship.