Advance Novice Dog Training
2017 Advance Novice Class

Laughing Will Start Wednesday June 7, 2017 At 6:30 pm Laughing

This class is for my students and their dogs that have completed my Beginning Novice course.

This class is by invitation only, please do not invite you friends to participate without asking me first. 

This is a walk in class, and the cost is $10.00 each time you come. 

This is not a socialization class.  Please be respectful of other people and their dogs.  Some dogs may not want your dog in their face.

Aggressive dogs and owners will be asked to leave. 

 Class will be held at my home
* Coming from Goleta - Get off at the La Cumbre exit - turn left - first right is Calle Real, turn - pass the car lots, freeway is on the right - pass the Feed Store - turn left on to Vista Vallejo.
* Coming from Santa Barbara - take the Las Positas Rd. exit - stay in the middle lane on to Calle Real - pass Earl Warren Showgrounds - freeway is on the left - turn right on to Vista Vallejo before the Feed Store.
* Turning on to Vista Vallejo - go past a row of mail boxes - take the first driveway on the right, it is lined with palm trees - when you get to the top of the hill turn left and park - the double gate will be unlocked on the far right of the house - enter - close the first gate before you open the 2nd gate.
* You can also park at the Feed Store and walk the hill of death.