Advance Novice Dog Training
2022 Advance Novice Class

Classes Will begin April 6
The fun will end Sept 26

This class will meet every
Monday Night @ 6:30 pm

 Our year end pot luck/party 
will be on Monday
September 26 at 6:30 pm 

Monday Night Classes will be 
held at 680 Vista Vallejo @ 6:30 pm. 
Sometimes class will be held at a 
different location. You will need to 
check to see where class is being
 held if you have missed a week. 

This class is for my students and their dogs that have done well in completing my Beginning Novice course and are ready to continue their education.

Thru out the spring, summer and fall, this class will cover some of the following: Nose Work, some advance obedience training, puzzle solving, dog - owner games, hide and seek recall, hardscape training as a group off sight, low jumping, teeter and tunnel work, are a few of the things that will be covered. 

This is a walk in class, and the cost is $20.00 each time you come.

If you do not come to class weekly, please check this web page to see if we will be meeting some place other then 680 Vista Vallejo..  

This is not a socialization class. Please be respectful of other people and their dogs.  Some dogs may not want your dog working close to them.

Aggressive dogs and owners will be asked to leave. 

 Class will be held at my home
* Coming from Goleta - Get off at the La Cumbre exit - turn left - first right is Calle Real, turn - pass the car lots, freeway is on the right - pass the Feed Store - turn left on to Vista Vallejo.
* Coming from Santa Barbara - take the Las Positas Rd. exit - stay in the middle lane on to Calle Real - pass Earl Warren Showgrounds - freeway is on the left - turn right on to Vista Vallejo before the Feed Store.
* Turning on to Vista Vallejo - go past a row of mail boxes - take the first driveway on the right, it is lined with palm trees - when you get to the top of the hill turn left towards the yellow house and park in the gravel or driveway round - the double gate will be unlocked at 6:15 pm - they are on the far right of the house - enter - close the first gate before you open the 2nd gate.
* You can also park at the Feed Store and walk the hill of death.