As a domestic animal trainer, Wency has over 30 years experience.  She has worked with many different species,domestic as well as exotic.  However she has a true love and understanding for your domestic dog.  She has worked in local animal shelters applying behavioral training techniques to abused, neglected and abandoned dogs of all sizes and ages. Wency has been able to turn mischievous mutts into prized pets. Unruly animals that had been unadoptable because of behavior problems began to show improvement after a few weeks of her basic instruction.

    Wency has trained award winning obedience dogs for both herself and for clients. She constantly updates her training skills by attending seminars and workshops as well as instructing dog training classes on her own. Private training of your dog AND YOU can be done in your own home environment, or you may join her group training sessions. 

For Private or Group Lessons 805-563-1299