October 2020
Dear Wency, We Love your puppy classes. We have all learned so much. You are such an amazing coach! For both puppies and their owners. You really know how to teach! We appreciate your patience. Thank You Susan, Jem & Leo  woof....

Hi friends, 
I want to report an excellent evaluation from Wency at Shoreline today.  She and I had walked with Chula and Chica 10 days ago, and she had noted extreme fear and anxiousness in Chica (probably from being challenged by dogs &/or coyotes during The Great Escape). Wency gave me a precise 2-week daily program at Shoreline w/granny walks & treats and limited access to other dogs, to which I faithfully adhered. Unfortunately, I didn't see any change for the better, so before advancing to the next level, I asked Wency to join me today.  Instead of commiserating over her lack of improvement, she showed me that Chica has indeed progressed wonderfully!  I hadn't interpreted that her abstract terror had turned into enthusiastic appreciation of other dogs, that now her panic lurching is now play-bowing, and her barking is calling them to interact (+ being a bit of a spoiled bossy-aussie...).

Hooray, Even the blind (me) shall see!

Now we have an adjusted agenda: daily walks to approach other dogs with full confidence and allow 3-second sniffs.  When she barks, walk a few paces away to deny her access to her new friend, then turn back with a treat and a sniff.  She's responding very well already and many park dog-walkers are happy to help us.
Wency (Wency's Dog & Puppy Training, 805-563-1299) is truly intuitive and talented with my pups.   She has helped Djenné, Chama, Chula, & Chica through some challenging moments - but this tops the list..  
Any good day is a good day..  Today is a great day!    

Cheers, Char

March 2011
Brownie passed away this morning at home after
struggling with congestive heart disease.  He was
16 or so and I think he wanted to catch up with his brother
Jakie.  I hope that you remember when I first adopted him
you helped me with advice on how to handle (at that time)
a most difficult dog.  Not his fault of course considering
the abuse he had endured.  Anyway because of you, Brown
and I learned how to navigate a world full of new
experiences.  He turned out to be an incredible dog, a teacher
to many others both dogs and humans.
I loved him as much as I loved Jakie.......
Here is to the flawed dogs in the world that are really
not flawed at all, just in need of love and direction.
Thank you,

April 2010
Dear Wency,  Thank you so much for every thing you taught me about training Ben & Abby.  You have a magical communication with dogs of all kinds and an amazing way of making it look so easy.  I really appreciate your kindness and patience and the care you gave to Ben and Abby.  They are great companions and will be even better now after our time spent with you.                                 
                                                                                                                                        Thank You Amanda

June 2010
...and how was your day? "Better since Wency's dog training.  Dear Auntie W.  Thanks for all of the great things you have taught Mom & I. Love Lizzy

September 2009
Dear Wency
Thanks for being such a good teacher. We appreciated your classes.  Your Friend Abby

June 2008
Dear Auntie Wency Elaine,
Thank you so much for a wonderful set of classes. We have enjoyed them so much and learned a lot that will help us in our family life.  We hope to take another set in the near future when I grow up a little more.  Love Blossom

August 2008
Dear Wency
Thank you so much for all you do for us!  Love You! Barbara, Greg & Abbie

July 1997

My Name Is Becky

My Name is Becky
My tricks aren't good
But let me tell you, teacher, I work for food

I sit on my ass
I barf up grass
But let me tell you, teacher, I enjoyed your class

I'm an alpha dog wanna be
I like to seep and go potty
But I'm a better canine, because of what you taught me

So thank you teacher
I've got to go
Got to find something stinky, so I can roll

By: C. Fincher & D. Collert

June 1998
Hi, Thanks!!  Words can't express the happiness Molly & I have had the last several months. You are truly one of the greatest teachers we have met.  Molly & I understand each other so much better due to your help.  Thanks again & keep up all the good work.  Betty & Molly B